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Is BOPP Film Recyclable?

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Feb. 28, 2023
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When choosing the best packaging for your product, there are many factors to consider. You want to make sure your product will be kept fresh and your label can be clearly printed on the packaging. You also want to lessen your carbon footprint whenever possible. BOPP Films from Firsta are useful for many types of industrial and agricultural product packaging.


BOPP Heat Sealable Film

What Are BOPP Films?

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) is a stretched polypropylene film that is applied as an additional layer to a woven polypropylene bag. Polypropylene or polypropene is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer that has high impact resistance. BOPP is a durable material that is used to package products such as:


ㆍGrass seed

ㆍRock salt




ㆍConcrete mix


ㆍBird seed

ㆍPet food

ㆍDeer corn

ㆍOther animal food products.

BOPP is trusted for packaging heavy items because it does not tear easily and is waterproof. BOPP packaging is strong and durable. It is manufactured by weaving and then laminated using organic materials. Its strength is due to the use of high-quality materials in its manufacture.

The BOPP film allows for clear and customized printing to be applied to both sides of the bag and on the gussets. The BOPP films hold up to the wear and tear of loading and transport. The strength of BOPP films keeps your prodect safe from contaminants, microbes, and airborne pollution. You don’t have to worry about anything getting in or out of your BOPP films once it is sealed.


Is BOPP Film Recyclable?


The Difference Among BOPP, OPP, and PP


OPP and PP films are also used for packaging and often confused with BOPP. All three have the basic polymer, polypropylene, in common but they are mandufactured differently. BOPP, Polypropylene (PP) , and Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) each have different characteriscs and uses.


The Benefits of Using BOPP Films


There are many benefits to choosing BOPP Films over other options. They keep your product fresher for longer and will not break during the shipping and handling process. The crystal-clear coating means that you can see your product and verify its freshness. Other reasons why BOPP is a good choice for your business is its:



ㆍCompatibility with automated bagging systems

ㆍEasily customizable

ㆍUV light resistance



Is BOPP Plastic Recyclable?


BOPP plastic is environmentally friendly even though it is not biodegradable. It is able to be reused and recycled. It can actually be recycled many times over while still maintaining its value. Eliminating waste and recycling boosts revenue and decrease your company’s carbon footprint.

The Environmental Working Group rates polypropylene as a low to moderate hazard. The dope-dyed method of printing bags does not require water and thus requires no wastewater disposal. This is a cost saver for your business and better for the environment.


BOPP Plastic Is Cost-Effective


BOPP Films are easy to obtain at a relatively low cost. Their integrity and strength keeps you product safe and reduces loss due to seepage. Your product will have a longer shelf life as BOPP keeps moisture out as well as protects from sun damage. BOPP plastics weigh less than paper bags as they use few layers. Weighing less means more affordable shipping costs. using fewer layers than paper bags, BOPP options weigh less which saves on weight and shipping costs.


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