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Market Composition by cosmetic packaging Material

Author: Marie
Sep. 26, 2022
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Market composition by Types of Shape

What are the different shapes of cosmetic containers?

In general, the following four are considered to be the most common:

1. Bottle containers

2. Jar containers

3. Tube containers

4. Mascara containers

Let us explain each of them.


1. bottle container

A narrow-mouthed, elongated container of any size.

They are often used for shampoos, lotions, serums, etc.


Market Composition by cosmetic packaging Material (Ⅱ)


2. jar container

Often filled with creams, gels, and other highly viscous products, often accompanied by a spatula.

There are many types and sizes of designs, and even a single manufacturer has many options.


Market Composition by cosmetic packaging Material (Ⅱ)


3. Tube Containers

Like jar containers, these are used for highly viscous formulations such as creams and gels.

They cost less than jar containers and are more convenient to use, but maybe relatively difficult to create a luxurious feel.


4. mascara containers

Often used for cosmetics used around the eyes, such as mascara and eyelash serum.

They are generally elongated in shape and have a volume of 10 mm or less. The brush inside is also available in a number of options.


Market Composition by Specifications

So far, we have explained the materials and types of cosmetic containers based on their shapes. From here, we would like to explain the types by specifications.


There are five main types.

1. Pump Containers

2. Spray containers

3. Container with inner stopper

4. Dropper containers

5. Airless containers

Let us explain each of them.


1. pump container

It can be used for many cosmetics, from shampoo to lotion. Especially in the case of shampoo and soap, it is very convenient because the contents can be easily taken out from where the container is placed.

However, the cost is high because of the cost of the pump in addition to the cost of the container.


Market Composition by cosmetic packaging Material (Ⅱ)


2. spray containers

Often used to fill liquid formulations with low viscosity, such as deodorants.

Although not as expensive as pumps, these specifications are also relatively costly.


3. Inner container

These containers do not use pumps or sprays but have a narrow entrance with an inside stopper.

This is less convenient because it requires turning the container upside down and shaking it to use it, but the cost is much lower, so it is often used.


4. dropper container 

Often used for serums and serums with low viscosity and small volume.

Although it is somewhat inconvenient to use, it is often employed because it gives the impression of high efficacy.


5. airless container

A pump is used to prevent air from entering the container, which may be in a bottle or in a tube.

The characteristic feature of this type of container is that the contents can be stored fresh for a long period of time, but it is relatively rarely used due to its high production cost.


The Popularity of Cosmetic bottle /dropper bottle

The market for cosmetic bottles is projected to grow at a high CAGR of 2.9% during the forecast period (2021-2028).

Cosmetic bottles are more durable and easier to handle than other packaging types.

Manufacturers favor plastic bottles for cosmetic packaging due to their low manufacturing costs and a wide variety.

Since they are used in the personal care business, ecological issues and human health impacts are taken into consideration. Manufacturers strictly adhere to strict government guidelines.

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