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What is Infusion Euro Head Cap?

Author: Marie
Nov. 09, 2022
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Xiangyi-euro head caps for (PE- LDPE) bottles are ready to use (RTU) products available in varied sizes to suit your needs. With more than 40 years of sophisticated manufacturing and designing, we aim to provide our customers with a reliable solution to their needs. Before moving on to features, the most crucial benefit of euro head caps are their non-leachable material. It prevents the plastic from getting into the drug solution, thereby preserving quality.

Suitable for the packaging of plastic bottle and soft bag infusion preparation in pharmaceutical industry

Euro head Caps Advantage:

Pharmaceutical grade PE material

Superior sealing property In pull-off area

Optimum pull off force

Excellent welding ability with bottle

We-manufacturer of Euro Head Caps

We manufacture Euro Head Caps, seals for plastic infusion bottles, using blow-fill-seal technology and stretch blow molding using flush-fill-seal technology.
Tailor-made injection molding machines and ultra-high speed fully automated assembly machines ensure product quality without manual intervention.Euro Head Caps molding and assembly processes are performed under clean room conditions.
The Euro Head Caps offered are designed and developed with PP material finishes and are available with different design closure and pattern options to choose from. In addition, these Euro Head Caps can be offered in different colors as per our requirements. Some of its features include service support for design proofing and logo printing according to customer requirements; safe, hygienic and easy to use; ensures tight sealing and prevents leakage.

Our Pharmaceutical Head Caps are widely welcomed by nurses and doctors as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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