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Why is kraft paper bag popular?

Author: Marie
Sep. 29, 2022
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What is kraft paper bag?

There are many types of kraft paper bags:

● Made from virgin pulp without bleaching;

● Made from recycled paper - used, reprocessed paper - to create new kraft bags;

● Combined both types of paper in different proportions.

Thus, kraft paper bags are not completely recyclable bags as many people have thought, the percentage of recycled pulp depends on the needs of customers. High quality kraft paper bags are made of 100% virgin pulp.

Bearing the characteristic golden brown color, the kraft paper bags remind users of the nostalgic feeling of the old days. Compared with other high-class paper bags made from Couche, Birston, Ivory, kraft paper bag has its own beauty: simple, rustic and friendly.

With its unique colors, durable characteristics, good bearing capacity, kraft paper bags are often used in fashion, food, gifts, furniture, household appliances. This kind of paper bag is also easy to recycle and reuse, environmentally friendly, and contributes to enhancing the corporate image in the consumer perspective.

 How to get quality kraft paper products?

Why is kraft paper bag popular?

Kraft paper bags are easy to recycle, eco-friendly and cost-effective

Why is kraft packing paper bag is environmentally friendly? The following figures will surprise you about the benefits of paper recycling. On average, with every ton of reused paper, we can save:

● 24 natural forest trees;

● Sufficient oxygen for 12 people to breathe in a year;

● 39,084 liters of water is enough for 875 times of 5 minute bath, or 3,000 times of toilet flushes;

● Nearly 4,000 kWh of electricity, enough for a 3-bedroom house in 1 year;

● 605 liters of crude oil;

● Limiting the amount of CO2 equivalent to the emissions of a car for 6 weeks (95% reduction of pollutant emissions compared to the production of 01 ton of paper from wood)

Imagine what you would do with used notebooks, old newspapers or discarded papers piling up on your desk? Instead of disposing all of them, you can gather them to ship to paper recycling plants, or reuse it into handmade gift products.

How Can Your Brand Meet New Trends?

One thing that can benefit small businesses to compete with established competitors is having a unique brand image. The unique brand image should be different from that of established competitors and should be able to offer new values on top of the values that its target customers expect.

Environmental sustainability is something that is becoming more and more valuable to many people. Most consumers care more about environmental sustainability and choose brands that share their same values

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