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Why We Choose Cartons And Paper Boxes?

Author: venusgeng
Feb. 27, 2023
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There are 5 main reasons why people choose cartons and paper boxes.


1. Consumers love

Consumers love cardboard boxes. They trust them and find them easier to use than other forms of packaging. In addition, they are easy to shred and recycle, and folding cartons have an excellent track record of having recycling facilities across Europe and returning them for recycling. Consumers consider cartons to be environmentally friendly: market research conducted by Audience Selection shows that consumers consider cartons to be the most environmentally friendly packaging option. The research shows that consumers like the feel of cartons and value their environmental credentials.


Graphics on folding cartons can provide a coordinated link that reinforces the brand owner's other media campaigns for the brand through newspapers, magazines and television. Packaging is almost as popular as television, and as a means of promoting a brand, it is the best way to stimulate repeat purchases. Cartons are known and loved by consumers and elicit a warm emotional response.

   Custom Disposable Salad Paper Box

    Custom Disposable Salad Paper Box

2. Information

With the ever-increasing amount of information on packaging, cartons are best suited to providing clear and easy-to-read information compared to other packaging. This is particularly attractive to the 60+ age group who do not want anything special done for them, but want to be able to use traditional packaging. Paper boxes do just that. They also provide excellent brand awareness, which helps all shoppers as well as brand owners and retailers.


3. Advertising

Cartons or paper boxes are part of a product's advertising mix because they are displayed at the point of sale - in shops and on the internet. It is estimated that around 75% of purchase decisions in shops are made in front of the shelves - so paper boxes help to ensure that the product is seen and subsequently purchased. In a survey of consumers and experts, it was determined that packaging was considered to be the most effective form of advertising to persuade consumers to buy the product again.

French Fries Box Cone Chips Oil Proof Triangle Chips Box

French Fries Box Cone Chips Oil Proof Triangle Chips Box

4. Recovery and recycling

Folding cartons and corrugated boxes can easily be recovered by reprocessing in a fibre separation plant. The recovered fibres are then used to make cardboard or other paper or board products. Alternatively, they can be made into compost, a process also known as 'organic recycling', or, if recycling is no longer a viable option, their energy can be recovered in a waste incinerator.


To be recycled, packaging waste must be recovered, i.e. collected and sent to a factory. Paper boxes and other paper products can be segregated at home or other disposal points and then collected or taken to a collection site. Europe has an efficient recovery and recycling system with excellent results: according to Eurostat data for 2016, paper and cardboard are the most recycled packaging materials in the EU, with a recycling rate of 85%.


5. Energy use

The European pulp, paper and board industry is a leader in sustainable energy use. 56% of all primary energy used in the industry is biomass-based, with wood by-products providing renewable energy in the form of electricity and steam for the manufacturing process. It is the largest producer and consumer of biomass energy - accounting for 20% of the EU total - and therefore avoids the use of non-renewable energy sources such as fossil oil, coal or natural gas.


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