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Easter Egg Packaging: An Idea For Your Inspiration

Author: venusgeng
Oct. 15, 2022
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Easter is coming: small and big chocolate eggs crowd the shelves. What about you? Did you find a brilliant idea for your creations?

During Easter chocolate eggs are the most popular gift: milk or dark chocolate, simple or with decorations, they always need to have packages that are up to the content and to the expectations of those who buy and receive the product. Easter eggs boxes are an essential tool for sales and for the success of each brand.

It recalls the typical spirit of Easter and encourages purchase. The elegant design of the box is the added value that leads to the final consumer’s choice.

Get inspired and create your own successful Easter box.

Easter Egg Shaped Gift Box

Easter Egg Shaped Gift Box

History of Easter

There is a long and rich history behind the hollow chocolate egg we know and love.

Religious or not, we know that Easter is a Christian holiday that marks the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, for centuries before this, it was a pagan festival celebrating the beginning of spring, marked by the spring equinox. This natural event occurs when the sun is immediately above the equator, meaning there is an equal duration of day and night. However, for centuries Easter and the Equinox have coexisted.

Easter Egg Shaped Oval Gift Box

Easter Egg Shaped Oval Gift Box

What does the egg mean?

One of the symbols that has pervaded both events is the egg. The delicate oval has represented fertility, rebirth, and new beginnings for centuries, both in Europe and across the globe.

In Egyptian mythology, for example, the scarlet-and-gold phoenix expires by bursting into flame, and a new phoenix rises from its remains. The newly-created creature then fashions an egg out of myrrh to fill with their predecessor’s ashes. Then the phoenix places it at the altar of Ra, the sun god.

Ancient Hindu scripture describes the Hiraṇyagarbha, or “golden egg,” as the source of the creation of the universe. Some schools of Hinduism tell of the story in which the God Brahma broke the egg into two pieces. From these pieces, he created the spiritual and the physical realm.

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Within Christianity in Western Europe, the egg has maintained its original meaning of rebirth in the form of resurrection. But it has also gained the extra symbolism of the stone rolled from Christ’s sepulcher.

Rabbit Shaped Easter Gift Box

Rabbit Shaped Easter Gift Box

The tradition of giving eggs at Easter

For centuries, people gifted eggs to friends and family for the spring equinox, and later for the Easter week. By the Victorian era, the egg-shaped gifts had developed into hollow cardboard ovals of varying levels of decoration filled with Easter gifts and chocolates. Fabergé eggs gifted to the Czar and Czarina of Russia – now worth millions of pounds – are the most opulent iterations of this tradition.

It was around the same time that chocolate eggs began to appear, first in France and Germany, and later in the UK. However, they were still a far cry from the chocolate eggs we know today. Without a process for molding hollow eggs and before the advent of milk chocolate, these Easter gifts were solid, dark, and bitter.

British chocolatiers JS Fry & Sons produced the first hollow chocolate egg in 1873. Two years later John Cadbury followed suit, and his company was the first to produce them on a large scale.

Happy Easter Rabbit Shape Gift Box

Happy Easter Rabbit Shape Gift Box

Over the years, chocolate became easier to produce and Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter invented milk chocolate in 1875. From then on, chocolate eggs became a staple of the Easter confectionary.

At Easter in the 21st century, the ubiquitous chocolate egg has also evolved into multiple different formats.

Easter egg hunt chocolate is a great accompaniment to the Easter festivities. These gift boxes and packs are full to the brim with delicious egg-shaped treats that’ll have your household feeling extremely happy.

If you want to get more information about the Easter candy boxes, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.

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