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Packaging Trends for 2022

Author: Jessica
Oct. 13, 2022
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Packaging is a big part of marketing and branding. It's what helps your customers remember you and be drawn to your product, which is why it's so important for brands to take a look at their packaging and make sure it's up to date.

According to the Statistics from the well-recognized Smithers, Pira organization indicates demand for the world packaging industry will reach $1.05 trillion by 2024.

Packaging not only helps keep products safe during transit and storage, but it also plays a crucial role in marketing and brand recognition.


1. Digtial printing usage wider day by day.

As a result of this rapid growth, we have seen an increase in demand for more customized options. Digital printing allows packagers far more latitude in personalization and customizing options than mechanical processes as typesetting did. It is flexible for clients' design with faster production in good effect among the clients.


2. Personalized packaging will be easier for brands.

One report cites that 70% of marketers believe personalization has a strong or extremely strong impact on their customers. Personalize packaging is better for a brand to boost their culture and make difference from another brand

When a company presents its package in a story-like way that connects to consumers on an individual level, the product becomes irresistible. Personalization is a top 2022 packaging trend, and it’s sure to stay around for a while.

Sanarko packaging knows that and already works for many brands for this.


3. Clean Label to deliver informations

When a manufacturer packages their product in a way that makes content information clear, concise, and open, it promotes trust in the company’s brand name. This kind of transparency is important because it gives customers confidence in what they are buying and will help build loyalty over time.


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4. The move toward bold designs

The move toward bold designs and effects on the packaging has been expanding for some time. And it will continue in 2022, this trend remains strong.


Packaging Trends for 2022

Guangzhou Sana Marko Packaging Co., Ltd. turns into a one-stop creative packaging solution provider from a manufacturer since 2012. Headquartered in Guangzhou city, we have built up 5 production bases in the towns with over 300+ employees independent deal different products production.

Sana Marko is a China custom packaging manufacturer offering OEM solutions for garment packaging, candle packaging, jewelry packaging, paper bag packaging, wine packaging, cosmetic packaging, makeup packaging, food packaging, and chocolate packaging.


Sanarko insists that the packaging is not a burden to a business and our planet, we actively deciated to the innovation and development of sustainabel package solutions. When trying to carry brand mission or product mission into the package, we are more effective than the traditional brands, it benefits from a complete supply chain with the latest technology and the perfect combination of the product research development experience over the 10 years.


There are more packaging options waiting for you to create together!Welcome to customize.

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